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Premium job listing
Title of job: Expert Googler
Job Location: Telecommute
Job Type: Contract
Price Range:
Hourly Rate: $10.00 and $20.00 per hour, open-ended
Start Date:
End Date:
Not a pressing concern
# Section Category Subcategory
#1 Business Administrative / Clerical Administrative Assistant
#2 Sales & Marketing Marketing Marketing Research
Required Qualifications
#1 Expert level research skills
Job/Project Details: Fancy Yourself an Expert Googler?

This may seem like an easy task, but we’re looking for the crème de la crème of search engine sleuths, expert online researchers and masters of finding anything (and everything) using a search engine — especially Google.  Simply being able to type exactly what you are looking for into Google will not be sufficient for this role.

We’re looking for someone who can help out on a regular basis, but this is not a full time opportunity. On the other hand, this gig could be a dream-come-true for the right individual.

You must be an expert at using special characters and words to get more specific search results. To be considered for this position, you must be able to PROVE your skill. If you’re up for the challenge, then read on.

Does the following describe you?

Reading comes easy to you. You gobble up books in hours, NOT days.
Your nonpareil knowledge of English grammar and your encyclopedic vocabulary have naturally prepared you to be an excellent researcher.
You swiftly and thoroughly analyze search results. Nothing gets past you.
Scratch that — forget thorough! Thorough is a word that describes novices and mere mortals. You’re more than thorough. You can squeeze every last drop of information out of the internet. You. Have. No. Equal.
Punctuation, symbols & operators bend to your every whim.
BONUS — You find yourself using on family, friends or coworkers.
BONUS — Those same family, friends or coworkers can never seem to find better or more complete information than you can.

Are you qualified?
Novice and intermediate skill levels will absolutely NOT be considered.  Sorry, no exceptions.
ONLY the top 1% of expert level users will be considered. For the sake of comparison, we have lower acceptance rates than Ivy League schools.
You must be able to provide empirical evidence that proves your skill level.

Ready for the challenge?
Only fill out this application once
Duplicate applications will not be considered.
Expect to hear from us if your responses indicate that you are in the top 1% of expert level online researchers.

Finally, this cannot be stressed enough:
Do not email us.
Do not call us.
Do not Snapchat us.

There are many roles you can talk yourself into. This is not one of them. Please do not try to contact us and tell us about your background and history of “search engine success.” Do not send us cheeky emails with information you found that relates to Knurture or our employees. That doesn’t prove your search engine proficiency -- its just creepy.

If you are truly qualified, show off your skills by filling out our application. Good luck and let the games begin!

Side note: If you do not understand the questions on the application, you are not qualified for this position. Please do not send us emails asking questions about the application. Thanks. Also, if you have already applied for this position, you are still being considered. Please do not apply again or email us asking about this posting. Gracias.

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